The Truffle is the enterprise level Broadband Bonding Network Appliance that provides aggregated Internet connectivity to small and medium size businesses (SMBs) with heavy usage, enterprises, apartments, hotels, hospitals and other multi-tenant buildings via aggregating multiple Internet access lines for increased performance and reliability. With the Truffle, multiple DSL, cable modem or T1 services can be combined to provide higher speed and more reliable Internet access.

The Truffle provides a quick Return on Investment (ROI) and lower operating expenses. The total subscription costs of multiple Internet access lines are often substantially less than a single high-speed Internet access line of equivalent bandwidth, which makes Truffle ideal for SMBs and enterprise branch offices. The payback period on the investment is often less than 6 months.

Truffle is also a stateful firewall, a traffic monitoring appliance and is packed with cutting edge adaptive Quality of Service features - all in one box. Truffle is powered by our enterprise level operating software that is dependable, scalable, remotely manageable and field upgradable.

The Truffle combines multiple Internet access lines, each on a Gigabit Ethernet interface, into a single aggregated Internet access line, again on a Gigabit Ethernet interface. The aggregation over the Internet access lines is done even for a single session, providing the full aggregate speed. The Truffle supports aggregation of up to 4,5,6,8 or 12 Internet access lines and additional 2 cellular data cards. Each Internet access line may be through a DSL modem, cable modem, T1, MPLS, satellite modem, fractional DS3, DS3, fiber, cellular or any other broadband connection.


The Portabella is a Broadband Bonding Network Appliance that provides cost effective Internet connectivity for mobile and portable deployments.

When peered with Truffle with VLL server license (optional), Portabella provides uplink and downlink bonding for any protocol between a mobile location and the host office via bonding together multiple cellular wireless Internet access cards for increased performance and reliability. Portabella aggregates the capacity of as many as four USB based cellular data cards providing increased access bandwidth in both uplink and downlink directions for the communication link to the host office. The host office BBNA will also act as a transparent proxy, enabling the Portabella with a bonded connection out to the public Internet. Alternatively, Portabella when used with the Broadband Bonding Service subscription, will enable uplink/downlink bonding without requiring any host office Truffle device as the Truffle will be hosted by Mushroom Networks as part of the Broadband Bonding Service.

Portabella has 2 models. The standard Portabella 141 is ideal for indoor use and the industrial and ruggedized Portabella 141i is ideal for mobile or portable deployments. The PortaBella has 4 USB based ports for cellular wireless data cards. The 10/100baseT Ethernet based LAN port connects to the local network or devices at the mobile location. With the optional battery pack, the ultra portable Portabella is the fastest available mobile wireless Internet access available today.

For live video uplink over bonded 3G / 4G wireless data cards, please check out our Teleporter solution which integrates Mushroom's bonding technology that is optimized for live video streaming. For video streaming over bonded 3G / 4G wireless data cards to a video server or CDN for webcasting applications, please check out our Streamer solution.

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